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Student helps injured Parent with first-aid training learnt during Lockdown

16 June 20

A North East Futures UTC student called upon the first aid training she has received during lockdown to help her mam, after she had fallen outside the family home.

Year 10 student Laura rushed to the aid of her mam, Mandy, as she fell while hosting a Facebook class for young children.  

“She runs a club on Facebook, teaching children photography during lockdown,” Laura informs us, “and she was out on the front street, when she tripped and fell over the kerb.”

Quick-thinking Laura rushed to Mandy’s side as the first-aid training she had received from North East Futures UTC automatically clicked in her mind.

“She had tripped and had fallen over the kerb, landing on her knee and then onto her arm,” continues Laura. “She couldn't get up at first, so I called the ambulance crew and talked them through what had happened”.  

“Turning an old scarf into a sling to support the arm - as I was shown in the first aid course - I then helped her up and into the garden where she could sit down. There, I could clean up her knee and wrap it with bandages from our first aid kit.”

To reduce the strain on NHS ambulance crews, they called Laura’s auntie for a lift to A&E and, as they waited, Laura comforted Mandy with some painkillers and a glass of water.

Despite a long-standing interest in a career as part of the ambulance services, Laura now has a passion for helping animals, particularly horses. But that has not stopped her from receiving praise for her attention to detail and her ability to act quickly within the situation.

“My mam was quite impressed at the amount that I had picked up from the class, even though I haven’t had that many lessons.”

A proud Mandy told all the doctors and nurses how her teenage daughter had patched her up and they congratulated Laura on how she stopped her mam from going through further unnecessary pain. “One of the doctors who checked over her knee had said that if I hadn't bandaged it up the way I did, she would have needed a few stitches in her knee.”

Well done, Laura! You’re a great ambassador for our UTC!


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