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Meet the Team

We have an amazing team here at North East Futures UTC, looking after the students' educational needs and looking after their well being. We believe that we have the very best team to deliver excellence in all areas of a student's educational development.

Daniel Sydes


Liam Clark

Assistant Principal & SENDCO

Karen Nixon

Assistant Principal & Director of Computer Science.

Joanne Harrison

Assistant Principal & Director of English

Sarah Hughes

Business Liaison Manager

Charlotte Murray

Admissions Manager

Jen Lorimer

Marketing Officer

Rebecca Oates


Hattie Winnan


Lucy Arbon

Data and Exams Officer

John Pattison

Director of Pastoral Care

Rachel Menzies

Pastoral Support Officer

Jack Ballantyne

Learning Support Assistant

Helyn Bulman

Lead Learning Support

Mark Woods

Director of Science

Andrew Noakes

Chemistry Teacher

Dominic Hall

Biology Teacher

Will Postlethwaite

Physics Teachers

Sarah Galvayne

Science Technician

Lee Willis

Computer Science Teacher

Lauren Taylor

Computer Science Teacher

David Clarke

Maths Teacher

Pieter Vermaas

Maths Teacher

Laura Briggs

English Teacher

Marianne Androit

English Teacher

Sally Hall

Art Teacher