Support and guidance

Pastoral care is very important at North East Futures UTC. Students will be in a small Project Tutor team and they will be your first port of call to ensure your wellbeing.

Year 10 students receive a weekly Personal Development session where they will follow a non-exam curriculum consisting of Citizenship, Ethics, Finance, Sex and Relationships Education, Drugs Education, Careers education, Radicalisation Education and much more. These topics will prepare young people for life in modern Britain.

Year 10 and Year 12 students have a daily tutor period of 20 minutes. Tutors are there to support young people if they are struggling with anything from stress, to relationships to issues outside of school. The tutor will refer to other professionals if further help is needed. E.g. your tutor will help you make a counselling referral if needed.

A big part of the pastoral programme is guiding young people towards theuir future careers. We offer help for Year 12 students on deciding between our two most common destinations: Apprenticeship or University. We support 6th formers in the UCAS process and encourage visits to Universities. We also support 6th formers in finding great Apprenticeship opportunities and throughout the recruitment process.

Year 11 students are also supported on their pathway to 6th form. We offer a guaranteed place in the UTC 6th form and we help young people manage their applications if they choose to go elsewhere for their 6th form education.

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