North East Futures UTC

Pupil Premium

What is Pupil Premium?

Pupil Premium funding is additional funding given to academies so that they can support their disadvantaged students and close the attainment gap between them and their peers.

Disadvantaged students should not be confused with those who are of lower academic ability, and support is as likely to be aimed at mid or higher ability students, encouraging all to make the progress of which they are capable, and to levels comparable to their peers who do not attract pupil premium funding.

How North East Futures UTC allocate its Pupil Premium Funding?

Funding is allocated to ensure that it is possible for staff and resources to be available to implement support strategies. This rationale allows us to, directly or indirectly provide support for all students at North East Futures UTC, focusing our attentions on those who need it most.

What are North East Futures UTC’s priorities for closing the Pupil Premium (PP) gap?

In order to ensure that we can best support the attainment of those entitled to pupil premium support, here are some examples of areas of support that students receive at North East Futures UTC:

• Literacy. If students cannot read, spell or comprehend text to a level expected by their age then they will find it more difficult to access lesson content, leading to a
subsequent drop in attainment. In the workplace, access to training documents, Health and Safety guidelines etc. require a competent level of literacy, as does the expectation to produce written reports. Part of the Pupil Premium funding will be used to baseline test our student’s literacy using standardised online packages, and subsequently allow students access to 1:1 or small group intervention with our teachers Learning Support staff.

• Aspiration. UTC students aspire for rewarding careers in the Digital Technology and
Healthcare Science industries and have made the very big decision to join us here at the UTC. Pupil Premium funding is used to support these aspirations and to ensure that they have every chance of becoming a reality. This takes the form of contributing towards the funding a Business Liaison Manager to work with local industries to allow our students to gain knowledge of the wide range of opportunities which may be available to them, whether that be in the forms of visits or project work.

• Intervention. Student’s progress is tracked across all subjects and interventions are put in place to improve grades where underachievement is identified. In some cases, this may take the place of small group withdrawal during the UTC day, accessing resources that allow the testing and retesting of content to consolidate learning and progress. We expect to have a small number of students joining us part way through the year, who require teacher input to catch up on work that they have missed in order to make the progress of which they are capable.

• Transition. Making the choice to join us at North East Futures UTC demonstrates a commitment to the STEM sector; however, it can be a daunting move. PP money is set aside to ensure that students make a smooth transition, and are given the opportunity to build the resilience and confidence necessary to be successful here and in the workplace. A series of trips, events and workshops in the first few weeks of the Autumn term allow a smooth start to be made by all.

Please find full information on our Pupil Premium statement on our policy page.