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Careers & Industry Engagement

We strive to deliver the best careers service to every one of our students. To make a positive first impression in the world of work, our students' insight, understanding and experience are just as important as the qualifications they achieve with us.

Our Careers Programme

North East Futures UTC are able to call upon a whole host of local industry giants to support us with our outstanding Careers Programme.

Providing expertise to our students via onsite Mentoring sessions, Project Days and Career Talks, our Sponsors and Business Partners also open their doors for Work Experience placements.

Mentoring sessions allow us to invite individual representatives of employers from our region to share their insight with students who are interested in entering a similar career path.

Project Days provide our students with the opportunity to work alongside professionals and, in groups, resolve industry-level problems.  

Career Talks let our students get a real snapshot of an expert’s pathway into their own career, including the qualifications they achieved and the choices they made along the way.

Work Experience Placements give students the chance to learn first-hand what the world of work is like, with many applying for their own placements to ensure they ensure they gain experience of their chosen field.

How industry engagement makes a difference

North East Futures UTC believes that industry engagement is a very important part of our students' education. That's why we give them some insight into the wide range of different careers available in the Digital Technology and Health Science sectors here in the North East.

Through our Careers Programme, each and every student has the opportunity to tailor their pathway, so they are aware of what they need to do both academically and for their career.

Whether it is through liaising with your Mentor, attending a Careers Talk or participating in a Work-based Project, you will work alongside industry professionals and take advantage of the chances we offer you to develop your skills.

Our students are supported by our core partners. Employers such as Sage, Fujitsu, the NHS and many others are on hand to inform, guide and advise our students. This provides them with every opportunity to develop their skills, assess their career interests and focus on their chosen destination.

By engaging our students with key elements of industry, we are proud to be preparing the next generation of STEM-based professionals to enter the workplace.

The whole team behind the UTC absolutely believes in it. The passion is palpable and we know that this can genuinely transform the way that education is delivered in this region.

Giselle Stewart OBE, Ubisoft

Our Business Partners

At North East Futures UTC, we are supported by a range of high-profile and successful business partners.

Sharing their expertise from a range of sectors and industries, our business partners include healthcare institutions NHS, Iksuda Therapeutics and AHSN, as well as IT and Software companies such as Sage, Accenture, Fujitsu and Dynamo.

We are also able to call upon local established organisations such as University of Sunderland and video games company Ubisoft to provide experiences for our students, ensuring they get the best possible start to their careers.


Each one of our students has a destination and at North East Futures UTC, we provide the opportunities to get them there.

Whether passions lie in apprenticeships or higher education, students are given the tools to succeed in reaching their desired career path.

North East Futures UTC has a Career Programme that is embedded in school life, including mentoring sessions with industry professionals and Project Days. 

47%of UTC leavers went to university.
81%of UTC leavers chose STEM courses. (46% nationally)
14%of UTC leavers started a job.

The mentoring session is by far the most intense and impactful hour I spend in every month. It could not be a more rewarding experience.

Mary Youngs Technology Consultant and NE Futures UTC Mentor