North East Futures UTC

Industry Engagement

North East Futures believes that industry engagement is very important in a young students education. Giving students the ability to learn about the magnitude of different jobs available in Digital Technology and Health Science sectors in the North East. With core partnerships with Ubisoft, Sage, Fujitsu, Accenture, NHS, NBS, AHSN, Iksuda, Dynamo andc many other partner businesses.

The 6 key areas of industry engagement at North East Futures UTC are:

Project Based LearningMentor ProgrammeCareer TalksSponsorshipClassroom TakeoversWork Experience


Project Based Learning

Students are presented with a real life industry problem by our one of our partners and asked to come up with a solution. This gives our students a hands on approach to learning and skills application. Our partners offer on the ground support with the projects giving guidance and asking questions to keep students minds engaged in coming up with a viable solution and how it could work in the real world.

While working on these projects students will be able to develop various skills, including:

Project Management
Time Management

The projects we run vary in size. Some of our projects are single day projects while others are larger scale projects that have a few sessions throughout a school term. If you believe our students young minds could help solve one of your businesses problems please get in contact with us using the link below.
Email Sarah


Mentor Programme

Mentors are can have an incredible impact on a student. It allows them to speak with like minded workers working in jobs similar to their own career aspirations. Students will meet with an industry professional 6 times a year working through their CV, helping them with finding work experience placements (see below) and sharing experiences. Students may even learn of new and exciting careers that they’ve never heard of before. We are aiming for one mentor per student as we really feel this would give the students the best out come. Anyone can apply to be a mentor and can do so filling out the mentor pack (see below) and then sending our information through to Sarah using the link below.

Mentor PackEmail Sarah


Career Talks

Although the idea is simplistic and easy to achieve it gives students a insight into a variety of different careers in the Health Science and Digital Tech Sectors. We provide our students with a 20 minute career talk once every 2 weeks.

If you’re interested in presenting a career talk with us please email Sarah for more information.

Email Sarah



We are very grateful for our sponsors proving us with extra funding, equipment and resources.

NBS sponsored our amazing auditorium space used for large events by our core partners and partners.

Ubisoft sponsored our eSports team with amazing team hoodies as well as providing some Ubisoft games that our students can play during lunch times.

Iksuda have provided us with some of there previous generation lab equipment which have been used by some of our students.

Fujitsu sponsored our Fujitsu Hub, providing us with various Fujitsu Laptops and PCs for students to use during lessons and while studying independently.
How 2 Become have kindly donated free books for our Careers hub to help and inspire our students.

If you or your company feels that they would like to sponsor North East Futures UTC we would love to hear you’re suggestions. Please use the link below to contact Sarah our Business Liaison Manager.
Email Sarah


Classroom Takeovers

Regular interaction with business partners and students within normal lessons can really help engage students. It helps link the work they do in class with the real world. We have had amazing classroom takeovers this year already. Fujitsu and the NHS have been in our English lessons. Ubisoft, Accenture and NBS have taken over some of our computer science lessons. AHSN, Iksuda and the NHS have supported our science department. If you would like to take part in a classroom takeover in Digital Technology please email Karen (see below). Or of you would like to take part in a classroom takeover in Health Sciences please email Mark (see below).
Email KarenEmail Mark


Work Experience

Work Experience is a very important part of school. It introduces students to what a working job is really like and it can also help them discover career aspirations. To make our work experience perfect we work each student individually helping them search, apply and arrange work experience with companies of their own choice. We make sure that each place is both safe for our students to work in and that it suits the requirements for a productive placement.

Our core partners and partners are where our students turn to first. We also use a great platform to help students reach out to industries called GlobalBridge. This platform is a great medium for our students to find work experience places and opportunities.

If you have any work experience opportunities please contact Sarah using the link below.
Email Sarah