How you’ll get there

We’ll develop the skills you need to be a success by bringing work to life and life to work. You’ll be gaining real insight into employment and getting equipped with what you need to fulfill your potential.

Although we assure you that student life will be different. You will still be studying for GCSEs, A-Levels, technical and other qualifications so you can advance in work, apprenticeships or higher education. The difference is, you'll be working with employer input on a daily basis - the best way to bring work to life as you progress through your studies.

If you bring your passion and commitment, we'll make sure you're on the way to feeling the thrill of taking control of your future.

Areas of specialism

Studies with a difference

For a start, the days are longer as study hours reflect a real job. You won’t get any homework and there is no uniform. You’ll be treated like an adult and trusted to complete independent learning each day, with staff providing support.

You will working on practical projects and real-life challenges set by experts from business and university. You will learn from the best and most knowledgeable people that the region has to offer.

Did we mention having your own mentor? He or she will be someone experienced in the world of business that can advise and guide you. We’ll also find you relevant and hands-on work placements that you’re actually interested in.

You’ll experience all of this and be using the latest technology with access to state-of-the-art campus facilities in the Newcastle’s city centre.

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Bringing work to life and life to work

The people who work in IT and healthcare science have changed the world. From the mobile technology that's part of our everyday lives to the latest breakthroughs in curing cancer, these people are pioneers who have honed their talent and technical skills from an early age.

To help launch you towards this success, we’ll provide you with expert-led career advice and targets, real industry experience, quality mentoring, the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities. All you have to do is grab this opportunity to make a difference with both hands.

Answers to your questions

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