Join us if you aspire to have a fantastic career in health science or IT. These are growing areas of the North East economy with lots of exciting prospects for passionate and high skilled young people. North East Futures UTC will give you the skills you need to succeed in these industries.

Our hands-on, real-world approach will capture your interest so that studying for exams becomes much easier because it has more meaning.  You can be inspired to find out about how your subjects apply in the real world at the same time as preparing to do really well in your exams.

If you know what you like and what you’re good at - especially if it might involve maths, computing or science - we can give you a vital head start. 

We are right in the heart of Newcastle, so you’re in the perfect location to enjoy your free time in one of Europe’s liveliest cities.  

We are a new kind of school. Get in touch if you're interested in a different way of preparing for the future.