The route to progress

Our ambition is to educate the next generation of IT and healthcare science technicians, analysts, innovators and thought-leaders.

Our vision is for students to be inspired by the relevance and challenge of solving real-life work problems.

Rapidly gaining the confidence they need, as well as the technical and personal skills required, will mean our students will have the skills that businesses and public services rely on for driving the region forwards.

The regular proximity in which our students will find themselves to young entrepreneurs and start-up organisations, as well as to ‘makers’ and creative process designers from a range of IT, science and innovation backgrounds will make it the norm for them to be inquisitive, proactively experimental and entrepreneurial in their outlook. They will be used to collaborating and problem-solving; and to designing the answers to the real issues faced by our partner organisations, large and small.

Staying relevant in these rapidly changing times

As we say to all of our prospective students, we can’t know exactly what’s going to happen in the future but we can properly plan for the best outcomes.

As things stand in the North East, there’s a massive opportunity because of IT and healthcare science becoming increasingly prominent on a regional, national and international scale.

To sustain this growth it is vitally important that we increase the pool of well-equipped and well-informed young people. This makes North East Futures UTC an essential component in the North East skills strategy and we plan for this to continue to be the case as we head into the future.

We want to prepare our students to be at the forefront of technological advancement and we firmly believe this can be achieved, by combining teacher expertise, employer commitment and students' enthusiasm.

The students who join us in September 2018 will be some of the first to shape these fast-changing industries as well as seal the North East’s reputation as a hub for world-class talent in IT and healthcare science.

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