We teach GCSEs, A-Levels and BTECs

We strongly advise that you, with your child, consider the benefits of becoming a student at North East Futures. Take your time and weigh up all of the options first, just as you would with any decision that can affect your child’s future.

The application and admissions procedure is the same as with many other schools, through your local authority.

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Our hours and expectations

Our days will be longer to reflect the traditional working day and week.
Our day will include time for homework.
Time will be allocated during the day for students to undertake personal study.
Students will be able to access learning online if they need to finish a piece of work after hours.
We believe it’s important young people have time to pursue leisure interests alongside study.

Our staff and their background

We can’t give you a definitive answer just yet because we are currently in the process of recruiting our teaching staff. At this stage, we expect there will be around 20 teachers and 10 other non-teaching staff.

We’ll provide the most capable, motivated and expert professionals to match the ambition of the students they teach and support. In turn, they will provide everything you would expect from a school, all the core elements of the National Curriculum in all subjects – we’ll just be giving them that little bit more.

Questions and Answers

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