UTC Policies

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Practical experience complementing the curriculum

A UTC is a government funded school, but is different from other schools because it has been established by the local business community and university. High-profile industry partners help in the development of the curriculum and provide support with its delivery.


Educating the leaders of tomorrow

We teach students technical and scientific subjects in a new way.
Providing education tailored to what employers need to help create growth and jobs in our economy.
Helping to bridge the skills gap in areas of regional strength.
Providing opportunities for young people in the two strongest sectors in the North East.

Developing well qualified young people

By age 14, most students are ready to study in a real world environment where they can gain the practical skills and experience that will help them make informed choices.

North East Futures UTC will help students:

  • Understand the jobs which are available in industry and business
  • Prepare themselves to go into work straight away with confidence
  • Secure an apprenticeship or go on to university

North East Futures UTC is a partner of The Baker Dearing Educational Trust, which supports this new forward-looking kind of school. 

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